Best Value–Our agents provide the best travel value possible. Their experience, coupled with Diners World Travel’s buying power, assures you the most accurate information and the best travel product selection available, at the least expensive cost.

Choice–Our agents give you a variety of travel options and quotes from a host of preferred travel suppliers.

Convenient One-Stop Shopping–Our agents can save you time and money and can handle every aspect of your trip.

Customer Advocate–In the event you have a problem with a particular part of your travel experience a Diners World Travel agent can act on your behalf to resolve the problem

Expert Guidance–Our agents are experts in understanding and deciphering the complex and often-confusing maze of fares with the airlines, hotels, tour companies and car rental companies. We can quickly and accurately find the lowest fares and most convenient schedules for you for the best value.

Personalized Service–Our travel counselors are your neighbors and friends, who get to know your travel preferences. They proactively seek out the values and experiences that are important to you

Professional Advice–Diners World Travel agents are experts in making sure people get accurate information on business and personal travel plans

Time–Our travel counselors have all the information you need at their fingertips. This is a big advantage for today’s time-conscious consumer.

Trust–Diners World  Travel will put its 20 year history and buying power to work for you.

Unbiased Information–Our agents work for you, not the airline or tour company. Therefore, we earn your trust and loyalty by being your single, objective source of information on any travel product.

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Ten Compelling Reasons To Use Diners World Travel
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